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Where to begin for this review? I was a little skeptical when using this knife- was it going to be easy to use? Easy to store, considering how long it is? Easy to clean?
Oh my goodness- yes, yes, and yes! The knife is sleek and SO easy to use. I sliced an entire fresh load of sandwich bread in mere minutes. The convenience and ease of use is truly incredible. The knife is easy to wash and store, as well. The blade cover is a wonderful bonus- it helps me feel at ease when storing this knife around my little one.
The knife slices SO well... even slices and it glides through the bread like butter. I was even more skeptical to cut my sourdough with it- the description says that this knife is for softer bread only. Not only was it incredible for slicing though sourdough, other than the initial cut, I will never use a traditional bread knife again!!

I like the way this knife works. It’s easier to use than a regular serrated knife. The handle is easy to hold and comfortable, made of wood. Mine came with a tiny crack which was unfortunate, it made me think it’s not the highest quality.
The knife is sharp, not too much but enough that you want to be careful and not let kids use it.
It was really fun to use, and looks nice and fancy.
I like that you can made different size slices.
You do need to push down while you cut but it doesn’t take much effort and the cuts are smooth. I used it with crusty bread and had no problem.
So overall a fun knife to have for bread.

I love baking fresh bread and bagels, but my old bread knife was getting dull and sad. After almost losing a finger whilst trying to cut through a crusty sourdough I started shopping around. I actually saw this knife used in a homesteading yt video and was fascinated by its looks and practicality. I purchased this asap and it was an excellent choice. The new sourdough loaf I had baked had technical difficulties and came out a bit more dense and crusty than anticipated, though it tasted amazing. If I had used my old knife, I probably would have lost a hand but this knife keeps your hands safely away from the cutting area and it cuts through the meanest, crustiest bread out there like butter. It also cuts though bagels with ease. The blade is very sharp and the wood handle is very lightweight, smooth, and very comfortable in hand and it comes with a blade cover when it's not in use. I highly recommend this knife and I will buy another one once this gets too dull as a replacement.


Yes, our knife is designed to effortlessly slice through tough crusts, including sourdough, without squashing the soft interiorr answer.

Absolutely, it comes with a blade cover for safe storage and peace of mind, especially around children.

Yes, the knife's weight distribution allows for easy cutting of both very thin and thick slices according to your preference.

This is your answer.

Yes, it's designed to be comfortably used by both left and right-handed individuals.


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